June 30, 2009

Pinocchio's Spanish Cousin Pinocchio

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  1. These are really beautiful, thans for posting. I'm new to your blog - found it through Arthur mag, will keep looking regularly!

  2. By coincidence I am looking at a 2008 volume of Pinocchio from the local library illustrated by Robert Ingpen. Beautiful! And I have previously purchased another one, art by Attilio Mussino, because the art is so gorgeous.
    Thanks so much for sharing these. I love the Pinocchio story.

  3. Andrea, I'm a big fan of Collodi's book too (which I think I read in a a religion course on the Golem?).

    William, really glad you left a comment. I need to pick up Tales from Greenfuzz immediately. Also enjoying your portfolio here.

  4. Thanks for the kind words Will, let me know if you can't get hold of Greenfuzz where you are...

  5. Esto es lo mágico de internet: poder econtrar excelentes sorpresas como esta página.

    Desde chile,
    Estudiante de Arte, fanática de la ilustración