June 28, 2009

Decalcomanias of Shuzo Takiguchi

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  1. great... great... great... great... great... great... stuff!!!!! thanks for posting...

  2. Thanks for posting! The description of decal. makes it seem like it's a random process, but these were obviously the effort of a talented hand, not just the chance of paint on glass. It's really amazing. Thanks for posting.

  3. Sara, I worried I had made the process seem random -- I think I even cut off part of a bad joke, "drip paint...remove paper, pray that you are a genius."

    I neglected to mention that the original works are very small -- no dimension is larger than 20 cm. I enjoy viewing them large, but it's fascinating that all these textures were achieved in tiny works.

    Takiguchi created over a hundred decalcomanias.

  4. another amazing artist on that bunkyo art site... http://www.bunkyo-art.co.jp/works_hiraga.html.
    seems pretty unknown. there's a beautiful looking museam of his work too. photos at: http://www.lomography.com/photos/places/Japan-Hakone-hiraga%20kei%20museum/5856052
    - Tom