October 26, 2012

Zhang Handong

Harmony Music, 1998

Southern Region Series -Static Cloud, 1998

Southern Region Series - Nocturne, 2000

Magic Dance, 1998

Fairy, 2002

Bio of Zhang Handong from Ravenel auction house (where I spend way too much time):
Chinese, b. 1964 Born in the hometown of prints, Yunnan in 1964. Zhang is a talented painter. He graduated in fine arts department from Yunnan Arts University. He had been vice-director in fine arts department of Yuxi Normal University, he is currently the vice-principal of Nieer Arts University. His way of creating is passionate but conscientious and careful at the same time. The style is simple but touching. He constantly conveys the characteristics of people, events, places and objects that he'd experienced vividly through his tactful academic skills. No matter in China or abroad, we could find his gorgeous work in many significant architectures. He's one of the artists whose works are quite popular for collection. Zhang is still in his summer of life, won several important art prizes in these years. All reveals his infinite artistic potential. In 1998, his oil painting works participate in "Art Taipei 98", in 2004, Zhang participated in the first Gallery Fair in Beijing. In 2006, he's one of the invited artists of Munich oil paintings exhibition and held "Revitalized Homeland-Zhang Handong Solo Exhibition" in Taipei.

October 24, 2012

Bat Woman

In case you thought Fini's Cat Woman from my previous post was strange, I present this 1968 Turkish film poster (from the EfraĆ­n Barradas collection)

October 23, 2012

Cat Woman

Leonor Fini, Cat Woman

I found this on a Polish auction site (where the painting was titled "Kobieta kot") and realized I've never featured Leonor Fini (1907–1996). And I fucking love Leonor Fini.