December 21, 2011

Reynard the Fox

Illustrations from Reinecke Fuchs, circa 1880 via a German library.  The watercolors are by Heinrich Leutemann, working close to the style of Wilhelm von Kaulbach's famous versions. (The fox is anatomically-correct in both versions!)

This post is a supplement to my 50 Watts' "Kinderbuch series" of German, Austrian, and Swiss children's books

01-Reinecke Fuchs-Heinrich Leutemann-1880

02-Reinecke Fuchs-Heinrich Leutemann-1880

03-Reinecke Fuchs-Heinrich Leutemann-1880

04-Reinecke Fuchs-Heinrich Leutemann-1880

05-Reinecke Fuchs-Heinrich Leutemann-1880

06-Reinecke Fuchs-Heinrich Leutemann-1880

December 19, 2011

Alfred Pal

Alfred Pal, via

I learned about this illustrator from A-Ž SFRJ, the blog of the folks behind the Leksikon YU Mitologie (I just bought a copy and will feature it soon)

Colonial Love for McMushie's Hamburgers

From the Colonial Love series by Bengt Böckman

I featured his late 60s series "Projeckt 666" on But Does it Float

December 18, 2011

Lacking one brick

Germany, c. 1890, Mosaic game with about 160 geometrical wooden color bricks..."Lacking 1 brick."

I've been coming across a lot of interesting artifacts while researching German/Austrian/Swiss children's books for this Kinderbuch series.