May 12, 2009

Water Acrobats

This post now resides on my other site 50 Watts:


  1. what's your take on the copyright status of your posts?

  2. Re: the spider

    I used to think your website was really cool, but now I wish I had never heard of it.

    - Alex

  3. The headline: "Cheerleader of the uber-obscure winds up in uber-obscure Hungarian prison."

    Anonymous: I refuse to follow that link. You're brave. I promise this is the very last spider post on the blog!


  5. I will not be tricked into following any link to fish-eating spiders!

    (I asked for it, I know.)

    This blog will currently return to its regularly-scheduled programming of owls and axolotls.

  6. Great illustrations.
    Great blog.
    Great choices.
    Great... period.

  7. What a surprise! I entered your post and I unexpectedly faced the illustrations of one of my favorite childhood books, one I have not seen again for more than thirty years. Yes, I remember each image, one by one, as well as all my personal stories invented around them at that time.

    László Réber was one of the most popular illustrators of that period. In the memories of my generation, his graphics are inseparably linked with the most popular novels and children books.

  8. I don't remember, how I found your blog(actually I found the Flickr site), and I was about to click away but then I saw your name so I rolled down a bit, then I saw Réber László! I love him, he illustrated most of my favourite story books, but I never saw these!
    Thanks for posting!
    I think, I'll take time to explore your blog

    (But I don't really get the point about the spider and the fish. Dock spiders usually do that.)


  9. Studiolum and Enliv, thanks so much for your comments. I hadn't realized László was such a revered figure.

    What are some of your favorites by him? I'd love to track them down.

  10. Hi Will,
    I'm answering to you right now on flickr...