May 14, 2009

Lumps of Life are Droning

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  1. This, like so much you post, is amazing. I can't believe what's come before and now hidden away.

  2. Thank you!

    He must truly be revered in Lithuania as the book is lavishly produced. But he might as well not exist in the US. Glad I fought through the order process and bought this book!

  3. Hi Will! You can find all the covers from Le Rayon Fantastique by clicking here:
    n14 and n49 are books translated by Vian.
    And on this link:
    Le Monde du Non A. Editions Opta, 1966.
    Best. Losfeld

  4. I just realized that you're on twitter and I just now followed you (I'm floridakelly). I found your blog through a link to the science text illustrations and have been reading all of your entries slowly but surely. All of these images and everything that you have to say about them... well, it's had a huge impact on how I think about art. I have been formulating and reformulating my opinions ever since. Thanks for getting me thinking about true passions again, even if it's at the expense of work productivity!

  5. Kelly, that's a damn nice comment. Thank you immensely. See you on twitter.

  6. existence for me is both divine and a absurd value!!??
    your blog is realy makes the diference.