May 11, 2009

Vintage Indian Pulp Book of the Month Club

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  1. These ugly book covers must be a novelty to you. :-) They are much despised here. Not just pulp, even books by notable literary authors have such covers. You can find thousands of these in used book shops in India. In recent times, publishers have replaced them with stock photos, which makes the covers more boring.

  2. Hey Nanjundorkkiniyan. These are indeed a novelty to me. Stock photos sound awful, but I would like to spend some time digging through stacks like this.

    Your note made me realize: I don't feature many modern American book covers here because I despise them.

  3. beauty is highly subjective - i think they're fantastic, but then, i'm rather biased. they're surely much more exciting than many pulp novel covers in the West.

    Will, thanks scads for posting these!


  4. Nice. These Malayalam covers look a bit similar to the covers of Tamil publisher Manimegalai in the 60s and 70s (Tamilvanan, Shankarlal series). Check out the book The Blaft Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction, which has a selection of (very different) Tamil pulp cover art...

  5. Great stuff Will, and nutmeg - just placed my order!

  6. i love these! it's too bad that these types aren't printed that much anymore. however if you are so inclined, i can send you some more work on Indian artists that you can feature here
    -Mira Malhotra