December 22, 2010

A Journey Round My Skull Headquarters

A Journey Round My Skull is now 50 Watts

I'm importing the archives to the new site and posting new material daily.
Please visit and update your links. Thanks.

A Journey Round My Skull Headquarters

Featured today on From Your Desks!


  1. Yes! There is a real live person behind this blog ;)

    Thanks for sharing your world of books, it is always one of my favorites that pop up in my RSS feed.

  2. Hey Will,

    A Journey Round My Skull has been my favorite blog forever, but I didn't know til this feature that you live in Philly! If you ever need an intern or help with anything, get in touch. This blog seriously adds light to my life.

    Keep up the good work,

  3. That Holling book looks great. I didn't know it existed.
    And I covet that Scapa book! I have some of his cartoon books, but I never knew he made a picture book. Another one for the want list...

    BTW, I just enriched my flickr page with some suicide cartoons by Jean Bruller. Perhaps Topor was inspired by them.

    Arthur van Kruining

  4. Your space looks awesome -- how I'm dying to leaf through your bookshelf.


  5. Thanks folks.

    @alllebasii -- yep, flesh, blood, ink, and paper

    @Mai -- an intern! I could never afford the insurance to cover 18-inch paper cuts and lead poisonings from Eastern Euro kids' books.

    @Arthur -- I haven't seen any of Scapa's cartoon books. The Bruller you just posted is fantastic.

    @Sarah -- I would love to do some kind of pop-up library exhibit. It would be more fun than a book museum like the Rosenbach, too, because the books wouldn't be behind glass (my books aren't expensive, just somewhat hard to find/access). Though the thought of miscellaneous jerks slobbering on the books does make me nervous.

  6. Pete, seeing Steven Heller's desk on "From Your Desks" made me get over my fear of showing my clutter. So great. [link]

  7. Good thing I come with my own, then. I'm adding you on Facebook so you can get in touch if you ever need to.