December 19, 2010

100 Good Reasons to Kill Myself Right Now by Roland Topor

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  1. My son killed himself in June. I love this blog but I wish someone would publish a list of 100 reasons to stick around.

    Thanks. xo

  2. I'm very sorry for your loss.

    I do think of this list as 100 reasons to stick around -- he makes each reason sound ridiculous, but often also keeps a hint of the desperation. I should also have made clear that while Topor's humor is as black as it gets, and while he often seems to be fixated on death, his lust for life was legendary.

    I feel many layers of emotion with a line like "Because I'm an endangered species and no one is protecting me."

  3. awaiting the next installment...thanks!

  4. Yep, Will, that one is poignant. The line between black humor and despair can be a thin one, thinking of John Kennedy Toole for example.

    Even flirting with the idea of suicide can desensitize for certain personalities.

    The reality is not poetic, just brutal. Thanks for your reply. xo