October 7, 2009

Dino Buzzati's Restless Nights

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  1. I like my fellow-countryman Dino Buzzati, as a writer and as an illustrator!

  2. that first image looks like the tartar steppe!
    i actually think the tartar steppe is a pretty weak book! his stories are where it's at! "the siren" is so different from "restness nights," really a crazy book! this guy is the real deal!


  3. Thank you Anna and Nals.

    Nals, a few people I've spoken to think the stories are weak but like the novel -- it feels like I'm the only one who loves both! One woman I spoke to swooned when she thought back to Buzzati's A Love Affair, though I haven't read that one.

    Note that I added an image of a 1965 edition of Tartar Steppe.

  4. he made pictures?????????? the tartar steppe is one of my favorite books, and the movie is actually also pretty great... he made pictures???????? holy cow, thanks for posting!!!! (really? he made pictures??????!!!!)

  5. Between our two blogs we might have a complete list of these rare creatures (writers who make visual art). I haven't yet uncovered a catalog of Buzzati's art. The book that features the top four images in this post only had a few more. From memory, it was a short book of criticism on Buzzati (no longer in my hands).