March 18, 2009

Serbian Sesame Street

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  1. So excellent, just like your whole blog. In fact, I've been visiting it quite often lately, so I sent you one of those friend invitations on LT (love your reading choices, too), since I was starting to feel a little like a stalker.

    - Fred (alias Flo)

  2. thank you both.

    Fred, happy stalking and I'll see you on LibraryThing -- I temporarily lost my mania for cataloging my collection there, but it's so addictive I'll be back.

  3. Ha! I grew up with it - it's called "Poletarac" in Serbian. And yes, it is DuĊĦan Radovic who illustrated it - everyone's favourite cartoonist there.

  4. I cannot believe that someone has these books. I have grew up on them and own all 4 (spring, summer fall and winter) If you need additional scans let me know.

  5. I loved Poletarac as a kid!
    Still love it now, in fact, although I don't read it as much :) .

    Those two pictures next to last were really, really creepy and trippy when I couldn't read and/or understand the accompanying story.
    When I developed understanding... the story itself turned out to be trippy.

    Thank you so much for featuring this - I wondered if you had encountered it...
    Brings back memories :) .