March 16, 2009

Dolfi's Graphomania

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  1. wow! thanks for finding and publishing these on the blog, the whole series of drawings are wonderful and that text by shillitoe is great...!

  2. Hello.
    Just wanted to say that I am very interested about Dolfi Trost and that, unfortunately, I couldn't find either more info on what happened after 1947 besides the fact that, although was arrested for trying to escape from Romania, did eventually get into France and that he published in Paris 2 books in the '50s, but I don't know why he was in Chicago. I assume he wanted to switch to publishing his books in English, just as he published in French to be more accesible to worldwide surrealists.
    I also got scans of a few letters to Andre Breton signed by most of the Romanian surrealists, including Trost. If you want, I can share you some, just say here if you will.
    Also I made on one of my websites a page about him that also includes images of most of his books and drawings and paintings from those books. If you want to check it out, just click on the link in my name.

  3. Thanks, I would love to see those!

    I'll add your link to the main post too. So glad you found this page.