January 4, 2009

The Themersons and the Gaberbocchus Press

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  1. A bit late, but it might be worth noting that the Edmund Héafod cover is almost certainly a reference to Duchamp's self-portrait in profile from 1957? I'm sure something interesting's been done about the history of that piece - Ray Johnson & Jasper Johns made pieces reflecting on it. And this - pp. 286-7 of Design Literacy, ed. Steven Heller - suggests that Milton Glazer took the idea and turned it into a Bob Dylan
    album cover?

  2. Thanks Dan, I agree (now that you point it out).

    Also found -- Heller/Chwasts' Illustration Today features the Glaser Dylan image. They say, "...Glaser's famous 'Dylan Poster,' a harmonious marriage of a Persian miniature ornament and a Marcel Duchamp self-portrait, is a characteristic example of transmuting two conflicting historical references into a single work."

  3. I think I may have finally reached that stage when I can no longer go on living with pride without having read the work of this Themerson fellow.