January 7, 2009

Tadanori Yokoo photograph

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  1. Haven't had time to browse here for a while, so just reveling in all the gorgeousness of recent Skull Journeying.

    You post such amazing collections of the bizarre and the beautiful - A big thank you, for I find I love pretty much all of it, as usual :)


  2. Hi Will ! Thanx again for all the nice things you share, many nice posts i don't even find time to read these days.
    Concerning Lise Deharme, i don't know much about her books really. I only remember reading Oh Violette! published by Losfeld, it was a nice book, delicate erotism with Leonor Fini's illustrations. I'll do a post on it soon. I hace 2 other Deharme books, 'Laissez-moi tranquille' and 'Le téléphone est mort' but i don't find much time for them... Sorry for poor indications... and bad english... Cheers

  3. thank you both.

    losfeld, I'll keep an eye out for your post on Deharme, and let you know if anything develops.