October 14, 2008

Tadanori Yokoo posters

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  1. Just amazing, i've never heard of Tadanori Yokoo before... thanx a lot for the pics!

  2. Excellent blog, discovered this via the blog of Momus... so you have him to thank for something!

  3. Losfeld, thanks for all the comments you left recently. I'm excited to learn more about Scepanovic and Christian Zeimert.

    Glad you found the blog stranger.... Momus, the ultimate fetishist! I'm still thanking him for "Murderers, the Hope of Women."

  4. will, i love these posters, and for some reason people don't seem to mention his work enough, graphically they are really unlike anything else... i have the box set and its funny how every once in awhile i think about parting with it because of the size (and there are indeed a number of similar things i have let go of because of this...), but i end up on the floor going through it and relishing these images over and over again... great stuff.

  5. I'll quote again from the review on Mutant Sounds:

    "unique amalgamated mixture of lysergic demented psychedelic assault-like stunt rock, a aural whirlwind filled with acid folk ramblings, tape collages, field recording excerpts, radio commercial snippets, roaring jet engines, electronic music excursions ... squealing sound fragments of frogs mating in a nearby pond, drowned out enka escapades, kayo kyoku excursions into no mans land, Takakura Ken nasal singing, spoken word fragmentation bombs by Kara Juro amongst others, traffic noises, sonic sound clusters of blistering fuzzed out psychedelic mayhem, stratosphericstatic electronic hissing, radio news broadcast flashes, vintage electronic tape music escapades, chirping cricket orchestras in a distant background and so much more non-adaptive and deranged sonic activity."

    Not something I would listen to more than once a year!

  6. Thanks for the Yokoo illos, really good stuff … perhaps some Heinz Edelmann next? Nicole Claveloux? Anything from the Pushpin Studio?

    Your bog has better (and deeper) postings/samples of graphics/illos than most art-focussed blogs, I hope that young people interested in the publications field take a look at what you're doing, a bit of a a shock for some of 'em, I suspect.

  7. Thanks Mahendra. I haven't heard of Heinz Edelmann or Nicole Claveloux, so I'll remedy that immediately.

    Concerning Pushpin (I frequently post Chwast covers), I'm planning to post some of Milton Glaser's illustrations of work by Apollinaire, Vian, and Gogol -- incredible stuff which makes me forgive his work designing the mall monstrosity Franklin Mills in my parents' neighborhood.

    I now plan to include more art and even music on the blog to draw in young people -- maybe I'll actually trick a few into reading Walser and Cendrars, if not obscure German Romantics.

  8. This is a blast from the past. My youthful self found a poster book of Tadanori's work back in 1980, and over the years, posters from that book were plastered around various dorm rooms and apartments. Ultimately, the book disappeared as I pillaged it for images, but those you have posted here are instantly recognizable.

    Thanks for awakening some pleasant memories!

  9. WOOOOW!

    Thanks for posting these images, you've helped me greatly as i'm doing one of Yokoo's pieces for a crit study at uni. Finding info on his pieces & him is quite hard.

    I love his stuff sooooo much. So colourful, brash yet simplistic. It's like chocolate for my eyes!!! LOL!!!



  10. Very cool.....like Yokoo. But I was wondering if you could tell me more about or upload the image of the Beatles related thing. Had not heard of that before.

    Posted a while ago on the man. Kind of a blast from the past for me...used to have a book of his graphic works now missing.

  11. Thanks Aos. I don't know what exactly the Beatles item is, but here's a picture of it:


    The site includes a bunch of his music-related posters/covers.

  12. Perhaps Aos is referring to Heinz Edelman … he was big in the 60s, a somewhat similar design aesthetic with Tokoo, he was the AD of the magnificent magazine Twen and the designer behind the Yellow Submarine movie

    If you can find the anniversary DVD of Yellow Submarine, the John Coates commentary is superb, lots of anecdotes about Edelman and the entire London mileu.

    I am really enjoying where this blog is going, great authors, super art, oh how I wish you were a publisher!

  13. Heinz Edelmann was not the art director for Twen. That was Wily Fleckhaus. Edelmann was a contributing illistrator for Twen amongst many others. He is a highly regarded illustrator most famous for art directing and designing Yellow Submarine, but he has also illustrated an incredible amount of books, magazines and advertisements.

  14. Thanks for sharing these great designs. I found it unbelievably hard to find any info on the internet so this has been a great source of help!

  15. WOW! Just amazing graphics...Gary