October 12, 2008

Roland Topor and Max Rongier - Comptines

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  1. I'm so glad you're posting on Topor. There has not been anyone quite like him after he died. I would not know who to compare him with. I discovered his work in the eighties, probably via such mags as Echo des Savannes, and bought my first book on him in the late eighties or early nineties.

    Tod und Teufel, yes, def., but also such joie de vivre.

    I believe he comes straight from Rabelais because there is no one else who have the humor.

    They all have the cruelty, but no one understood the reverse coin of that just as much as Topor.

    He's canonical to me. It would be good to build his bibliograhy, esp. as far as translation goes.

  2. I'll definitely work on an English-language bibliography as I collect his work.

    I also plan to gather his visual work in book form from international publishers.

    The Tenant is on my to-read-immediately list, so I'll post about it soon.

    Will investigate Echo des Savannes too!

  3. Will, do you have any of Arrabal's artist's books? I'm curious, but have yet to come across one.

  4. Just Arrabal's fiction so far, like Baal Babylon, the basis for his awesome 1971 movie Viva La Muerte. I forgot to add a youtube link to the opening credits sequence of that movie, drawn by Topor.

    I'll try to dig up some info, thanks.

    I think I last encountered Arrabal's name in Calvino's memoir of a trip to the US in the 60s. You should check it out (must be in the Hermit book).

  5. Strange... I was just thinking of Calvino's memoir yesterday (which is indeed in "Hermit In Paris"). It is among my favorites of his... the perspective of the States is like looking into a hole. The darkness and segregation in Cleveland, the Borgesian ruins outside of New Orleans (!), the geography of L.A. Great stuff.

  6. ctorre, I'll definitely have to post the section about New Orleans. I'll admit that I've only dipped into Calvino's fiction, though I return often to his nonfiction. I find his "Six Memos" very soothing -- in fact, I need to add it to my blogger list of favorite books.

    I forget, do you have a website?

  7. No website. I keep going back and forth on the idea. We'll see.

  8. Nice post again! I'll try to see if i have some interesting Topor to show on the carrefour.
    I have also a book about Zeimrt (http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Zeimert) to show. And yes, i'd be glad to see the other Topor images you didn't include here :)