August 22, 2008

Alberto Savinio, Tragedy of Childhood

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  1. Savinio, if I recall correctly, was painter De Chirico's brother. I'm a big fan of his metaphysical period.

  2. Derik, your memory is correct.

    I hadn't realized Savinio was also a painter until finding the page on Giornale Nuovo.

    Savinio has quite a few books in English, though they seem to be falling out of print. Alter-Gilbert has translated his "Fantastic Tales" for an upcoming Green Integer book.

  3. Marlboro's books now seem to be distributed by Northwestern University Press.

  4. Thanks Chris.

    Now that you mention it, I remember seeing their reprint of Michaux's Ecuador at my first BEA in 2001 (obviously I haven't taken that book off the shelf in awhile). I'll see if I can track down the editor/publisher and profile the Marlboro Travel series -- it seems to have existed only from '96 to '01.

    You can buy Tragedy of Childhood (in fact 3 of the 4 Savinio titles Marlboro issued -- Capri is no longer available) from the Northwestern site. Typing "marlboro" into the search box brings up their available titles. It's unclear if all of these works will remain permanently available, or will go out of print when the initial print-runs are gone.