October 7, 2007

Rene Crevel, Difficult Death

Brad, the editor of the great Neglected Books site [neglectedbooks.com], posted an annotated list of 20 out-of-print books I made in June of 2000. He added links to all the book titles. I'm going to post images of the books discussed (if I still have them). The permanent link for the list is here.

3. Difficult Death by Rene Crevel (1900-1935, France).

First published in France in 1926 as La Mort Difficile. David Rattray's English translation was published by North Point Press in 1986. Rattray died in 1993 (I need to check out his
How I Became One of the Invisible immediately) and he held the copyright, so maybe that is why it hasn't been republished. The North Point edition includes an introduction by Rattray and an 8-page foreword by Salvador Dali, written in 1954.

The photograph of Crevel on the cover is by Thea Sternheim. David Bullen designed the cover.

Another photo of Crevel by Sternheim:

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