October 7, 2007

Chamfort, Products of the Perfected Civilization

Brad, the editor of the great Neglected Books site [neglectedbooks.com], posted an annotated list of 20 out-of-print books I made in June of 2000. He added links to all the book titles. I'm going to post images of the books discussed (if I still have them). The permanent link for the list is here.

1. Products of the Perfected Civilization: The Selected Writings of Chamfort, translated and with an introduction by W. S. Merwin. [First published by Macmillan in 1969 (send me a scan if you have that edition); this is the 1984 reprint from North Point Press.]

Jacket design: David Bullen
Jacket illustration: anonymous engraving of Robespierre

From the flap: Chamfort is said to have been among the first in storming the Bastille . . . Nietzsche wrote that without Chamfort "the Revolution would have been deprived of its most tragic spirit and its sharpest sting; it would be considered a far more stupid event, and would not exert its present seductive fascination."

Thank you Farley's Bookshop in New Hope PA for keeping this title on the shelf long past its expiration date.

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  1. Many thanks for the Chamfort page. His book Products appeared on our dusty (low-circulating) cart the other day. Opening it revealed gems. Needless to say, it will remain one of our most treasured neglected books.