December 21, 2011

Reynard the Fox

Illustrations from Reinecke Fuchs, circa 1880 via a German library.  The watercolors are by Heinrich Leutemann, working close to the style of Wilhelm von Kaulbach's famous versions. (The fox is anatomically-correct in both versions!)

This post is a supplement to my 50 Watts' "Kinderbuch series" of German, Austrian, and Swiss children's books

01-Reinecke Fuchs-Heinrich Leutemann-1880

02-Reinecke Fuchs-Heinrich Leutemann-1880

03-Reinecke Fuchs-Heinrich Leutemann-1880

04-Reinecke Fuchs-Heinrich Leutemann-1880

05-Reinecke Fuchs-Heinrich Leutemann-1880

06-Reinecke Fuchs-Heinrich Leutemann-1880


  1. Great illustrations! I love the details.

  2. I've always been in love with Wilhelm von Kaulbach's version and I think Heinrich Leutemann did a wonderful job.

  3. the first fox is magnificent! and that detail, a toy with a lion and perhaps gazelle, what a nice detail.

  4. Wonderful illustrations! Thanks. I am a big fan of Reynard and had never seen these.