February 27, 2011

A Journey Round My Skull is now 50watts.com

Dec. 2011 update: I'm now blogging again here at "A Journey Round My Skull" but doing my signature too-big-to-fail posts on 50 Watts.

Jan Toorop, O Grave, Where Is Thy Victory

As of 9:00PM EST February 28, 2011, I have changed my online pseudonym from 'A Journey Round My Skull' to 50 Watts. All new posts will appear there! Please spread the word.

I hope my RSS subscribers (all 7906 that I know of) will subscribe to the new feed. I will be posting the same type of stuff.

My new twitter handle is: @50WattsDotCom (if you already followed me, you don't have to refollow -- same account)

My tumblr is http://50watts.tumblr.com/

I'm not sure if I'm keeping the same 'networked blog' on facebook, but I created a facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/50WattsDotCom

I'll leave the 'comments' function on here for the next week (right now there is not a comments feature on the new site).

I'll be importing into the new site over the next month (year...decade):

(For the official record, I chose neither "A Journey..." nor "50 Watts" to show up at the top of blogrolls. If I could do it over, this site always would have been "Journey Around My Skull" -- no "A" in front, but an "A" in "Around" -- thus making the acronym JAMS. Feel free to alphabetize under "Fifty" or "Zzzifty.")

Dec. 2011 update: I'm now blogging again here at "A Journey Round My Skull" but doing my signature too-big-to-fail posts on 50 Watts.


  1. I have to get used to the new format, but it looks good and I will subscribe to the new feed! Also, for Tumblr, the name change for your URL is under Customize > Info > right underneath Portrait Photo.

  2. Gould, here a two responses to the same query on twitter:

    "I wanted to move to Cargo and took the opportunity to ditch the unruly moniker, which even I couldn't remember or type correctly"

    "For a sample of the confusion, my boss of 11 years still calls it Trip Around My Cranium."

    And then you can view the about page on the new site for a longer spiel.

    Kat, I screwed myself over by registering 50watts.tumblr.com, not realizing I could have just set the custom url on journey round. So now the name is taken! I'll figure it out, hopefully. (It wouldn't let me change the name to 50WattsDotCom.tumblr.com )

  3. Hi Will, your new site looks beautiful,
    and though I loved A Journey Round My Skull (including the pseudonym), I understand your desire for change! There are just two details about your new site that make me sad: the lack of a comments feature and the fact that I am not able anymore to post your amazing pics on Tumblr! :(
    Maybe I should prepare to join Twitter...

  4. Thanks Laura. Do you use the 'add this' button to post from my blog to tumblr? I do everything manually on tumblr (because I don't know any better!), ie, I save images to my hard-drive and upload them. Or I right-click and 'view image' to grab the image url. Cargo is in beta, so it will keep getting better and I'll ask about the 'add this' feature (maybe I can add it in right now!).

  5. Hmm, if you rename the new 50watts tumblr to something random, you should be able to apply the name to the original journey account. Also, all this confusion is kind of cute.

    @Laura: I posted something from the new site to Tumblr already! Like Will said, you can right click on the image and copy the image location, then enter it into the URL section.

  6. dig it.

    I added you to my blogspot feed.

    I don't follow you on Tumblr
    because by dash is overloaded.

    nothing personal.

  7. @gould...that looks like a
    painting by my old high school
    chum, Damien Loeb?.

  8. change scares me too, that's why I had the new site up and running in four days -- no time to brood.

    kat, custom url on tumblr seems more complicated than we think: http://www.tumblr.com/docs/en/custom_domains --

  9. I believe that's to link your tumblr to your own domain, like if you wanted 50watts.com to be the contents of your tumblelog...

    Here's an image explaining which field I mean.

  10. Kat, that's the field that keeps rejecting me (the only field I can find). It might have something to do with the way both Cargo and tumblr interact with domain names (and A Records). I'm over my head.

  11. Er, so am I...I've never done a name change myself, so I might be missing something very obvious. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but I'm also secretly glad to have a bit of the old name around for a while longer. :)

  12. Kat, I'm a complete idiot. Thanks for your help and I fixed it now:


    I like that the poor book can have its title back -- A Journey Round My Skull is a great title for a book about one of the first brain surgeries.

  13. Hi Will,

    I discovered this site and your tumblr a few months ago, and I love them both. What I will miss in the change, is not being able to comment. I have a fondness for Blogspot for that reason- It may make it laborious to post images and place them in ways that you prefer, but it's great for communication, and for adding information text to posts.

    Your informative articles are another thing I loved about this site. Will the new site allow you to post text as well as images? I hope as you make the change, you will keep this old site up as a permanent archive.

    Thank you for everything you do, and I'm sure it will all work out in good ways.

  14. Thanks Annie. There will definitely be text-heavy posts. Gilbert Alter-Gilbert -- the man who writes most of the long texts for the site -- has been sick for a few months, but he's working on new features.

    The new site will have a comments feature sooner or later. For now, you can leave comments on the facebook and twitter pages, if you use those sites.