December 28, 2010

The Fantastic for Grown-Ups

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  1. Another one to add to the list. Need more time!

    Funny, I was just wondering if you're a fan of Gray. I got Alasdair Gray: A Life In Pictures for Christmas, well worth picking up if you haven't already.

  2. This is great!
    It reminds me the illustrations made by Roberto Páez for the edition of the Quijote (Buenos Aires, Eudeba, 1969-1970). Have you ever seen it?
    Look here

    And here

  3. Sorry the previous comment was in fact for the older post (Páez works have some sort of expressionist style)

  4. Julia, that makes sense, thanks. I have indeed been planning to feature those amazing Paez works (kind of building up to them, as I've been featuring a lot of artists in that endless Cervantes archive). I need to try to buy that edition too!

    James, thanks for the note about the Gray book. I'm really digging your blog.

  5. Great collage, in the Hannah Hoche style
    (I posted some work of Hoche in Troesmas)

    happy new year!

  6. Mmm, this sounds terrific, thanks for bringing it to attention.

    I just read Lanark a couple months ago and loved it, loved it, so add my vote to that little pile.