November 12, 2010

Bear the Signs

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  1. I think it's Higgs who drew the horrifying cover of US black metal band Leviathan's Tentacles of Whorror.

  2. Some of his shapes are reminiscent of Miro.. very beautiful, I also love his text, thanks for posting.

  3. dig it....indicative of a
    deep unconscious...surrealism
    lives on. I bet there are many
    artists who make things that
    we will never see that speak of
    the wonder of the deep unconscious.

  4. Très beau et très original, as usual !
    Quel fond iconographique inédit !

    Je reste ici encore quelques temps, tant il y a de magnifiques documents graphiques à voir et à revoir.

  5. A phenomenal musician, painter, and tattoo artist. Daniel Higgs is a true proprietor of the unknown.

  6. Tentacles of Whorror? that's him, for real?

    Saw Higgs last year in Portland, opened the set with about 20 minutes of sruti box and chanting beautiful Blakean/Hindu(?) poetry. Ballsiest move I've seen in a roomful of punk hipsters.