October 17, 2010

Psychic Explosion

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  1. A bit Monty Pythonesque, but beautiful instead of silly. Your site continues to amaze me. Always amazing images.

  2. Not going to lie; these pictures were very creepy....they reminded me of something out of a very dark episode of Monty Python.

  3. Beautiful blog! i visit it quite frequently. I have my own blog of drawings if you want to check it. Greetings from Argentina.

  4. I have seen many strange wonders
    in the month or so since I found
    your blog via a Tumblr reblog.

    I thank you and my aesthetic
    values thank you as well.


  5. Yet another edition of Lautreamont's Poesies for me to track down! This is a real winning combination for me (of course): Collage + Lautreamont.
    I also was fundamentally changed by my first reading of Maldoror when I was about 17 years old. No regrets, however! ;)

  6. thanks for the comments. About the Python echoes, I think Gilliam must have been familiar with the Devetsil movement (Hoffmeister was a member).

    @Myrrh oh, I have some regrets alright! (although it was fascinating to read psychic explosion whilst psychically exploding)

  7. amazing and surreal, I love these.

  8. Love this blog and love this illustrations! :)