October 27, 2010

Harry Clarke's Faust

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  1. Ha! I have a version of that "Dedication" image as a Dead Meadow t-shirt. I didn't realize they took it from somewhere.

  2. these would be banned from
    libraries across America.

    The image of a female figure
    being impaled through the
    genitals is just too much for
    our delicate senses...


    thank you...these are treasures.


  3. Thank you for the beautiful, elegant and spooky Clarke post! Happy Halloween to the Journey and to you too.

  4. these are absolutely stunning! there is no easily available edition of clarke's faust, is there? i saw that his poe illus are available, but the faust stuff is even better.

    thanx for posting, love the blog!!

  5. I adore Harry Clarke, but haven't seen these before. The illustrations for the Rape of the Lock are beautiful but perhaps a bit more conventional! Did you see the exhibition a few years ago at the Dulwich Picture Galllery?

  6. I thought I recognised the third from the bottom... it's on the sleeve for Bend Sinister by The Fall (as I guess you're probably aware). The figure on the right does have something of the look of a young Mark E. Smith about him.

  7. thanks for the comments.

    Here's something to look forward to: Niall from Vintage Irish Book Covers mentioned about Clarke: "He taught illustration at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art (later the National College of Art and Design) from 1918-1923 and was a major influence on book design and illustrator in Ireland in the twenties & thirties." He's planning to post some eventually.

    @Doug -- I would love that image on a band t-shirt.

    @Martin - none in print, but easy enough to find used online for not much money.

    @frangipan - unfortunately I missed that exhibition (I don't leave Philly enough)

    @James - I will have to dig that up (although I might only have Bend Sinister on cassette!). I agree about the resemblance.

  8. Amazing! never seen thse before. Thanks

  9. Ooops, I did not realise you were in America! It was very good though!

  10. These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  11. So absolutely stunning. I only knew his more innocent fairytale artwork.
    Along with Bradley up there, I have to indeed say- thanks for sharing. This blog is amazing, been obsessed with it for some time now. Also the incredible breadth of your collection but also your sheer enthusiasm & willingness to personally scan & share all these images (and in large format.)