May 9, 2010

Buggin Out in the Bunker

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  1. Well, lovely images. I feel a little bit itchy now though: all those insects.

  2. howdy longthyme lurker, first thyme commenter. i been silently luvin this palace of wisdom for a few months now & have had an immobilizing bout of pneumonia in recent weeks & couldn't do anything but lie down & eat popsicles, so i started a fledgling musique bloggy thing. it's been eating up a bit o' me thyme & i missed this set when u initially posted them, but i won't be able to use that excuse again ad you're linked in my sidebar thingy now. i wonder if you'd allow me to do like a feature, singing me praises of this fine place & posting a few favorite pictures w/ a link? kindly drop by & lemme know. tanx whoever u are. this is an encroyable realm u've manifested here. heart