January 18, 2010

Birds, Berets, and Butterflies - French Kids' Books from 1900 to 1949

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  1. Wow, page 22 of Les Mauvaises têtes de Coquinet looks like a childhood tragedy through the eyes of Max Ernst.

  2. Haha,

    There is an association of André Hellé's friends: if you read french, you can learn a lot here:
    I saw the originals this week end while visiting the exhibition. They are fabulous. Really one of my preferred illustrator.

    I love Maurice Denis' Coloring book.
    there is another illustration here from premiers paysages (colored + b&w)

    Macao & Cosmage has been re-edited.

  3. Trés formidable! Thanks so much for finding and sharing these. You constantly introduce me to "new" illustrators.

  4. Beautiful works, it's amazing to see how children books' illustrators were up to date with avant-garde movements! Like your blog, keep up the good work.

  5. I am way overstimulated after looking at this post.
    That's a good thing.

  6. Loved the broken toys one, with the dismembered limbs etc.

    Great stuff

    marc nash

  7. Thank you for your comments.

    Fergus, Pita had pointed out the similarity of that page to this Ernst collage. Pretty hilarious!

  8. I must say your site is (A+)wesome! Wonderful visual eye-candy. The shark is my fav. You will be bookmarked.

  9. How can i obtain a digital copy of some of these books? they are realy amazing i like old books in spanish, english and french.
    please send me some links!!! joserodolfocontreras@gmail.com
    ir any of you can help me!!