January 3, 2010


A Journey Round My Skull is now 50 Watts

I'm importing the archives to the new site and posting new material daily.
Please visit and update your links. Thanks.


Walter Schnackenberg, Die Rauschtranke, 1949
Walter Schnackenberg, Die Rauschtranke, 1949

Coming this year:
  • More posts featuring work by young artists and designers from around the world
  • A massive illustrated/annotated post archiving the entire blog
  • More Salvador Bartolozzi
  • More posts with Richard Sica
  • More rare international kid's books
  • More international book covers
  • Long-delayed interview with Franz Rottensteiner (about ready to run)
  • Interview with sarcoptiform
  • Interview with Payson Stevens, art director of Biology Today (this will become legendary)
  • More Hoffmeister
  • Illustrated overview of Redstone Press by its founder
  • Features on the collections of friends of this blog
  • More Schnackenberg, God-willing (these two come from a 1980s German-language book on caricature)
  • All the stuff I neglected to do from my 2009 list
  • A "text-per-day" feature, possibly as a PDF email spin-off, something like the New York Ghost. Gilbert Alter-Gilbert will likely co-edit this series.
  • I have some contests up my sleeve.
Major news:
  • I'm working on book projects, one with a publisher, and the rest as the publisher. They will all blow your mind. (If I didn't just jinx them all by talking about them.)

Walter Schnackenberg, Die Virtuosin, 1949
Walter Schnackenberg, Die Virtuosin, 1949


  1. a very exciting 2O1O it will be!
    just discovered yr blog recently and really dig on what you're doing.
    best of luck in the new year!

  2. Thank you, Will. Your blog is fantastic! I visit it every day.

  3. Thanks a lot, for this space. Another daily follower from the basque country!

    You make me know a lot of incredible artists, I'll be here in the new year.


  4. That all sounds good to me. This blog is great fun to follow: there's a world of inspiring wonder out there that you're revealing and it's appreciated.

    Happy 2010!

  5. Wow Will, it sounds like it's going to be a wonderful year to spend journeying around your skull!

  6. Congratulations on the books (if I don't jinx it by saying so)! Looking forward to hearing more and discovering more wonderful artists.

  7. Happy New Year to you and thanks for your wonderful blog!

  8. Yay, more Walter Schnackenberg!! Your previous posts about him were excellent, I'd love to get my hands on some of his printed illustrative works but there doesnt seem to be much out there...

  9. I appreciate this resource. Please don't change it too much. It is just wonderful as is. Thank You

  10. Sounds awesome - can't wait to see what lies in store.
    I love rare international books for kids and I'm looking forward to Julian's post on Redstone...
    Let's get cracking, shall we ?

  11. Can't wait for the Biology Today interview-- I love that stuff...

    Happy New Year, looking forward to more amazing stuff here at A Journey... paul

  12. i think you're blog is getting too big for blogspot! maybe a host change would be good, too. :)

  13. Arik, I follow BibliOdyssey's lead in all technical (and metaphysical) blogging matters, so I'm staying with blogger as long as he does :> (Note to Wordpress: start courting Peacay.)

    I would love to have a third column some day.

  14. I come every day!
    Bravo for your blog!