August 12, 2009

The Wonders of Life on Earth - Yokoo details

Tadanori Yokoo, aesthetic of the end, detail3
Tadanori Yokoo, aesthetic of the end, detail

One of the best things about viewing art online for me is the ability to stare at details for as long as I want to, and sometimes to blow up those details. I've isolated some of my favorite sections of Tadanori Yokoo's posters, which I posted back in October 2008.

Bio found online: "Perhaps best known for his '70s album covers for Miles Davis, Santana, the Beatles, etc., Tadanori Yokoo is arguably the most influential Japanese graphic designer of the Twentieth Century. He is also a well known artist, photographer, and designer of installations."

I just realized I'm in the second week of the second year of this blog.


  1. Two years eh? Well, I just hope you're not planning on early retirement. Your post on Alberto Savinio the other day reminded me of when I discovered "Giornale Nuovo" - his Savinio entry was the first one I saw and, of course, was followed a few short weeks later by the announcement that the blog was shutting down!

    Thanks for revisiting the Tanadoori prints, amazing stuff.

  2. By the way, are you aware of the late avant garde artist Terayama Shuji? I've never been able to find high-res images of his work online (and, alas, don't own any myself), but from the tit-bits available, it looks like pretty good stuff:

  3. Some of these were appropriated by Stereolab a few years back, weren't they? I can never keep Stereolab imagery straight in my head, but a couple of the images from The Wonders of Life on Earth look very familiar.

    I think there was an article in Dot Dot Dot a couple years ago that traced the origins of some of the Stereolab art? Maybe I'll try to dig that out.

  4. Dan, nothing springs to mind about the Stereolab appropriation, but it would make sense.

    Cy, no plans to quit yet. I recently discovered the world of Same Hat. In an email exchange, Same Hat's Ryan pointed me to a flickr page and a post by a friend of his on Shuji Terayama. I hadn't heard of him before that, but I'm on the trail now.

  5. You are totally in the zone this week, another introduction of an artist that I wasn't aware of, I sort of feel like an idiot:) I love the surrealist tone of his work!

  6. Hmmmm, I can't find online documentation of this anywhere, but I remember having a Stereolab t-shirt (bought in 1999 or 2000, I think) with the flying man on it. I wonder what happened to that shirt? Good to know where the image came from, I guess!

  7. The Tadanori prints are great,i've linked your blog from mine -

    Hope that's ok,as for Shuji Terayama,i've seen 'Throw your books away,rally in the streets' a great film,want to check out 'Pastoral- Death in the country' soon. Wasn't Tadanori in Oshima's 'Shinjuku Thief'? not seen that one yet.Your blog is amazing!.

  8. uuh this are great.thanks for posting!