July 9, 2009


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  1. Amazing, again.
    BTW - hope this is not a lame question but ... - many of the pics you upload too blogger are large scale. I've had some problems with this myself, (ie. even when I post pics as 'large' they never appear size of the ones I see here.)Tips on how you do it?

  2. my somewhat labor-intensive method:

    1. I use flickr to host the images. Once an image is uploaded, flickr offers you the html code to display it on your blog. You cut-and-paste this code into the "html view" in blogger.

    2. The width of the normal blogger template is 400 pixels. If you want the image to be 400px wide, you choose the code for the medium or large flickr display. For the top image here, I chose the code for the large display, which you can see at the bottom of this page.


    3. In the code you'll see the width and height dimensions of the image. You need to scale these to fit the blogger template (ie, 400 px wide). You do the math: 400 x 1024 / 754 = 543.23. Round up or down. You just replace those width (754 becomes 400) and height (1024 becomes 543) numbers in the code.

    4. If you always use the "medium" image from flickr you won't have to do any math. On your blog, each image will always be about 500 px tall and from 300 to 400 px. wide. This is better than what blogger can do.

    5. finally, you can add "sizes/o/" or "sizes/l/" to the end of the image url so it pops up at a larger size when you click on it in blogger.

    6. PK at bibliodyssey points out that sometimes "squishing" the images the way I do can distort them, but we haven't figured out exactly why it works for me. Definitely never "scale up" from say a width of 300 to 400 -- that will look bad.


  3. these are incredible! i love "putting three fingered air quotes around reality"--what a great caption for that amazing painting. awesome!