July 21, 2009

The Great Northern Wasteland

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  1. The images on your blog are wonderful! My blog it's only in italian, I'm sorry, I don't speak a good english, but if you want you can see my illustrations and paintings! Bye, Anna

  2. These are just gorgeous! Thank you again for all of the painstaking time and effort you put into all of this.

  3. Thank for the post, these are great.

  4. Hi,(This is art.crazed from flickr.)
    Thanks so much for finding and posting these fascinating and beautiful images. Having spent much of my life in the various Chinas (Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the PRC) I'm interested in all periods of Chinese art. But this period - after the cultural revolution and before the embrace of capitalism- that isn't pure Socialist-Realism is really rare.

  5. Hi
    Just stubled across your blog. I went to Harbin in January 2010 to help judge an international print show. We were taken to meet some of the most respected Harbin printmakers including Zang Zeng Qi - the date I have for his image is 1996.
    Just putting together an article for the Australian Print magazine Imprint on the trip.
    I have contacts in UK who would be able to help you with other info on Chinese print if you're interested.
    Mark Graver

  6. Thank you for the kind comments.

    Mark, somehow I missed your comment completely -- I'm going to email you right now. Thanks for writing.