July 15, 2009

Blue Elephant Hour

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  1. dude i love your blog like you have no idea, the whole czech art scene is mind blowing! keep the elephant ilustrations coming! (love the one in the indonesian book)

  2. Though you probably didn't mean to, you have revived in my mind a strangely unforgettable Czech children's poem, singable to the tune of "Sur le pont d'Avignon":

    To je on,
    Malý slon.
    On se učí
    Na trombón.

    Which can't be translated satisfactorily into English, because, alas, in English "trombone" and "elephant" do not rhyme. But roughly: That's him, the little elephant. He's learning to play the trombone.

  3. Thank you Ludmila and Caleb.

    One of the illustrations in the book features two elephants sitting in front of a stop-watch (patiently waiting for their trombone instructor to arrive).

  4. hi there
    well thanks for replying,
    it's good to know that Malý slon means little elephant hahaha
    i'd love to see the stopwatch image :)
    the turtles illustration is incredible too

  5. oh my god, the cat with the cigar is gorgeous! i can´t even stop looking at it. czech humour isn´t told to be unique for nothing, i suppose.
    thank you for uploading all these wonderful illustrations! i probably just became a regular reader of your blog.