June 11, 2009

Extraordinary early 20th century magazine covers from Japan

Click the images below now to see the posts:


  1. mind-blowingly amazing!
    great post. So did you actually buy all of these?

  2. That's crazy talk. Seriously, I wish I knew exactly what they are and where I could buy them, but the likelihood of that happening is slim.

    These all come from Bookcover Design in Japan 1910s-40s (as mentioned in the post), which is out of print (and all in Japanese) but there are hopefully a couple copies floating around the internet. 600 more images where these came from! I picked my favorites, but every time I open the book I find 20 new favorites.

  3. At Urawa museum near Tokyo, they had an exhibition with japanese magazine covers of more or less the same period (Showing only the first issue of each magazine). They have a catalogue, that was still available a few month ago.

  4. I believe the term is, uh.. wow. Incredible.

  5. Yes, these are all great, too.
    Thanks for posting these, Will.

  6. These magazine covers from the early 20th century are simply amazing. Great work!!

  7. You have an amazing blog, I followed Moon Rat's link here... My mother used to have magazines like this, so she is kicking herself now for throwing them away...lol
    thank you for sharing these covers!

  8. Outstanding collection. These beautiful, masterful creations have totally inspired me to branch out some design ideas I've been having.

    Exquisite spacing, color, detail. I can't say enough. I'm going down to the antique shop to see if I can find some designs like these.

    Thanks for the great post.

  9. Some illustrations seem to be inspired by russian styled drawings. Japan was not so isolated then.. Your posts on german and japanese book covers are vert inspiring. Thank you

  10. hi will

    you've probably already found all this, but if not, i thought you might be interested.

    cool post!

  11. oooh loving this blog! I'm getting really into book design (I work at a publishers anyway) and I love Japanese art (lived in Japan) so this blog is definitely feeding two of my obsessions right now... thanks so much and keep it coming!