May 31, 2009

Subterranean Adventures in South America

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  1. No info I'm afraid, that would imply I've seen some of this work before.

    I haven't. And it is great. Good job unearthing these.

    Where did you find them?

    BTW, great site as well as this post in particular.

  2. i am completely pulled in by that alberto girri illustration. amazing collection of images. more wonderful finds. thank you!

  3. Thanks, there are a few more from that Girri book here. I'll be adding to the main post as the source.

  4. These are just beautiful, and frequently mystifying.

  5. One can only wonder at how strange a book must be to be entitled El hombre que se depiló la ingle. Viñole is certainly new to me. There a couple of other cover images at Barón Biza.

    The Victor Chab image is nice, but very similar to the work Alvin Lustig did for New Directions.

  6. Thank you James and Chris.

    Lustig could indeed be my favorite book designer. My collection of his work is woefully small but I always check this flickr group:

    (avoiding the word "lust" in this comment is becoming difficult)