May 22, 2009

Forgotten Illustrator - Joan Kiddell-Monroe

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  1. Wow, those would have terrified me if I'd seen them in fairy tale books when I was a kid. I can imagine just how they would have burned themselves into my brain.

    Love, love, love the plunging kimono woman in the Japanese tales illustration.

  2. Absolutely wonderful! Many thanks for sharing this woman's work.

  3. Fantastic thank you for sharing!

  4. I like the Indian ones. Do you have Mervyn Peake's illustrated "Quest For Sita"? If not, you should buy it yesterday.

    I posted about it a while back:

  5. J, somehow I heard of Sita recently and found it for a paltry $3. I emailed Sebastian Peake about featuring it.

    I'm also waiting for Man and His Art to show up in the mail. I just flipped through it at the library and was blown away. (Speaking of mail, I still plan to send that Yeti.)

  6. Remembered I posted a Peake illustration from Jekyll & Hyde to my flickr account -- found in a random book on Stevenson.
    I need to get the original Stevenson/Peake book... at any cost! (Looks like it's Folio Society, 1948)