April 8, 2009

Madame Edwarda's Metamorphosis

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  1. You obviously need a Japanese-speaking minion on the payroll. These are your scans yeah? Can you work out the publisher? I guess you could upload relevant opening pages +/- back cover to a free ocr-scan site which might spit out a translated name. Lemme know if you want the ocr link, I've got it hiding around somewhere or other.

  2. Peacay, I added links to the covers.

    Through a flickr friend, I think I actually landed a "book broker" in Japan. I have no idea how this works yet, but I think this blog will get a lot better in a few months.

    Also, I keep meaning to put a classified ad right at the top of the blog begging for translation services from various languages.

  3. My live-in Japanese-speaking minion (actually overlord would be more accurate), had a look and can't see any mention of the illustrator anywhere in the sample pages.


  4. The inside front cover says they're by Ikeda Masuo, a Japanese printmaker who died about ten years ago. Cover design by someone named Suzuki.

    Ikeda was rich and famous here in Japan. His prints sold well for 25 years or so; the art museum here in Hiroshima has several, including a set he did about the Seven Deadly Sins. He was on TV and acted in movies, even. I doubt that he made the prints specially for the books.

  5. Thanks Eric.

    I'll add some links to this post.