March 12, 2009

Adelheid Duvanel, Inner Tumult

This post now resides on my other site 50 Watts:


  1. That's a great piece, thanks. I have a feeling that a friend of mine who's a Kafka/Schultz/Walser aficionado would appreciate Adelheid Duvanel.

    And it's nice seeing another work by Henri Micheaux. I have a few of his mescaline-derived drawings in a book and wondered whether there might be more around.

  2. Wow, odd stuff. Reminds me of some of the lesser-known symbolist-expressionist authors from the fin-de-siecle, like Stefan Grabinski or Meyrink or Ungar or even Wedekind. I can see the Walser connection, but this seems far more gothic than him.

  3. I think I followed up on these comments via personal email, but let me respond here too:

    Thanks John, I hope your friend likes it.

    I would love to put up more Michaux, but his work looks terrible on screen when I scan it. I've given up for now. Definitely get the Drawing Center collection -- it has good color reproductions of a lot of his work.

    waggish, hope your friends are enjoying Duvanel too. You probably noticed by now that I posted a fairly strange story from her collection. I was debating which one to post that might be "representative," but then this tumor smacked me hard so I had to use it.

  4. what an intensely bizarre piece of writing. there is something deeply fascinating about it...though it's disturbing, certainly...

    now, the michaux: that seems to me one of those surrealist images where you sign your name or something similar in paint or thick ink in the center of the paper, then fold it in half and see what comes of it? but for me, it is absolutely a dancer, not entirely human (a little caterpillar-ish) but definitely female, whose skirts and hair are flung out from spinning. i love it!!

  5. Zoe, thanks for the many nice comments you left recently -- I love knowing that someone is enjoying "the archives"!