February 6, 2009

Snake-O-Rama - An Ophidian Extravaganza part 2

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  1. Coincidentally or not, the journal Nature has just reported the finding of a fossil reputed to be from the world's largest known snake:

    "Fossils of Largest Snake Give Hint of Hot Earth"


  2. It was very interesting story!

  3. Ahh... I've run out of superlatives. What to say..? just enjoying everything here as usual. Wonderful collections of pictures and accompanying texts. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

    (I come here for a lounge about knowing I'm in for a treat.)

    All good things, Will /L

  4. Thanks Chris, a welcome coincidence.

    Kenny and Linda, glad you enjoyed it! Alter-Gilbert's long essay on Swinburne is coming next -- delicious even if you can't stomach Swinburne. We found some truly wild illustrations for it.