January 11, 2009

Monsters and Madonnas - Looking at William Mortensen - A guest post by Cary Loren

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  1. Everything old is new again … and again … and again …

    Right now, the most fashionable style of illustration is utterly bereft of any illustrative tendencies (or skills) and the most fashionable style of photography is deeply illustrative.

    And in 30 years, the exact opposite will hold true. I suspect it all has something to do with planetary conjunctions, academic churning and mass cultural amnesia.

    Cool pictures, Mr Mortenson.

  2. Cool indeed. Will and Cary, many thanks for the exhibition. Was not at work, did not care so much about the R-rating.

  3. Excellent artist who Id never heard of or seen. Thanks for the sharing.

    mahendra singh,I agree with you on most all counts, save for the 30 year mark. I think our cultural amnesia is accelerating...Give it a couple months perhaps.

  4. Astonishingly prescient work. The mechanism by which Quality is ascribed is laid bare by people like this, people who follow an enlightened set of personal aesthetics.

    The whole thing is so beautiful and perfect, I would almost think it a hoax.

  5. Great, and a little bit disturbing
    thanks a lot

  6. I have a signed, framed print of Johan the Mad. I would like to know a rough monetary value of the print or how I could go about finding out the value. The picture is stunning. Am not sure I want to part with it but it needs to be appreciated by more than just me, my friends and family.

  7. That sounds like a cool artifact. I have no idea what it might be worth, but maybe someone else stopping by will know and leave a comment. Thanks.

  8. Amazing man! your blog make my day

  9. Incredible!!!!!!
    Thanks so much for this post (and all your blog) i love this aproximation to photography. Constantly the people, when saw my work http://www.elektroindustries.com/
    says "But is photoshoped, true?"
    "Photoshop (and others) is my workshop, my laboratory" i answer. But i try to make the most of the effects in the real, and then make a texture or something in the computer.

  10. Cary Loren, William Mortensen, & A.J.R.M.S.
    great things go great together.
    here's a wee bit of video i shot of Mr. Loren & Co. in performance:
    Luv & Respect yo.

  11. Interesting book from a very interesting fellow.

  12. Every so often I stumble upon an image that leads me to your wondrous blog. Great post, Will!