January 29, 2009

I'll be along

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  1. Paris Peasant is always a good read. (and why won't my keyboard go back to English so I can italicize the title properly???)

  2. Another Frenchman I must check out? I am deep into Leon Bloy and Jules Romains, and here you go offering up another French writer--who furthermore reminds me of myself! Thanks, Will, I will get right on it.

  3. Karla, are you perhaps calypsospots on flickr? Made the connection because of the Czech interest (I'll check out your blog!).

    Lloyd, I'm literally carrying around Romains' Death of a Nobody on your recommendation, though I haven't yet cracked it open. Alter-Gilbert is still planning a "column" on him for JRMS.

  4. The very same. The Czech parts of the blog are mostly rather in the past now that I'm not living in Prague, but they might still be entertaining. Or so one would hope.

    I was a bit curious what prompted you to pair the Heisler image with Paris Peasant, other than they're both surrealist.

  5. Karla, my late-night blogging can get weird. I paired them and hoped I would figure out why later!

    I was sad that I used this image for the Aragon quote because the next day I picked up an anthology of stories from the Belgian "bizarre" school and found a story about a woman who plants herself in a giant pot. She soon grows roots -- very wild description of this. Would have been a perfect pairing and I might switch it someday.

    And this is a preface to say: the pairing of Gerhard Roth and Otto Gutfreund in my next post make even less sense.

  6. Well, there is no reason not to pair them, just that Heisler is hardly one of the better known surrealists so I wondered if there was a particular reason.

    I'll be curious to see what you do with Gutfreund.