December 19, 2008

Viktor Pivovarov

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  1. I feel like it's possible that a couple of these were in MoMA's Russian Avant-Garde Book show a couple years back? Their website is still up:

    always meant to get the catalogue to this, haven't yet. I remember a lot of crazy children's books being in that show though.

  2. Dan, I forgot about the website for that show, which I really like. I'll check out the print catalog.

    I only found one book in English with illustrations by Pivovarov (from 1987)-- I'll post something here when it arrives. Now I need to somehow track down the Russian ones...

    I've known about Kabakov, but somehow never paid attention to Pivovarov or other Russian "Conceptualists."

  3. some illustrations by pivovarov for children books:

  4. rinnli, thank you so much! I will probably add a couple to the main post.

  5. and some more, if you are interested in:)

  6. oh hell yeah I'm interested. I will create a separate post using some of these and use these links and link to you.

    I'm also adding you immediately to my blogroll under "image-centric" -- thanks again, you rock.

    (I see you like Trad Gras -- check out the trad gras collage in my flickr photostream.)

  7. and thank you so much for what you are doing! your blog is one of the most inspirational sources for me.

    also check out the graphics of soviet illustrator gennady kalinovsky
    and some neat covers of old soviet children books

  8. Sometimes it gets overwhelming how many outstanding artists have come before...then you look at the clock and see its christmas...and its time to get off the internet. These images are incredible, thanks for posting