December 27, 2008

La Société des Francs Bibliophiles

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  1. What a lovely find. More to lust after, as usual.

    Do you read French then? If so, you should get a copy of Le Tutu (Princesse Sapho)'s one of the strangest best books I read this year. It should really be translated and published in English soon!

  2. I will definitely check out Le Tutu.

    I read French, but currently only as a last resort. For instance, I'm tackling a 800 page volume by Hans Henny Jahnn in the French translation, because there is no way in hell it will ever come into English, and my plan to learn German seems to be going nowhere.

    Just don't ask me to speak it.

  3. That's about how I am. I read all the time, then I go to Paris and stumble over ordering a meal, like an imbecile.

    There are so many books in German that I'm afraid I'll never get to (and that were never translated to French or English. Like Hans Jaeger's Fra Kristiania-bohemen...*cries*