November 21, 2008

Nabish Fairy Tales, Eva Natus-Salamoun

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  1. I think these are probably from Der Haze und der Mond: Namibische Fabeln und Märchen by Alfred Wellm (Kinderbuchverlag, Berlin, 1985) - Namibian Fables and Fairy Tales.

  2. Thanks Neil, you got it. I will update the post now.

    I'm working with an Italian publication in English -- maybe "Nabish" was made up in the translation!

    At least after finally looking in the OED, I now know all about the Nabis (no "h").

  3. I like these! Especially the lion and the cat in the tree. Thank you kindly for the dedication, too. You keep showing me cool stuff that I have never seen before, yet somehow I feel like I have. :)