November 7, 2008

Fourteen Views

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  1. Great posts... thanks for sharing...

  2. i have the May issue! My father had the complete collection as a young man, but his Mom threw it away by mistake. The typical Mom throwing the wrong thing way Mistake that millions have experienced. Beautiful magazine and I have the book on VIEW as well Good work!

  3. My mother threw my TV21 comics away - not quite the same thing.

    I love the Duchamp cover: smoke from a bottle - in space!

  4. Wow Tosh, that is crazy. In at least one way, then, I can be happy that my parents are pack-rats.

    I'll be posting soon about the only vintage View-related item I currently own, an anthology dedicated to Gracq's Castle of Argol, sporting a Seligmann cover, and featuring Roditi's translated excerpt from Impressions of Africa (View is clearly 'my people').

  5. I knew nothing about this magazine. Any mag with a Pavel Tchelitchew on the cover is alright with me...NICE post!