October 19, 2008

I have a metaphysical cold

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  1. absolutely stunning text... thanks a ton for posting this... incredible!

  2. Steve, thank you for touting the site on The Wire!

    Until I flipped through the book last night, I hadn't realized Busch wrote prose. Still haven't checked to see what might have made it into English.

    Walter Arndt (translator of Walser's Snow White and Cinderella) prefaces this letter:

    "With its Manichean doubts, its staccato leaps of logic and abstruse style, it recalls Busch's prose fantasy Edward's Dream. It is hardly less crotchety, in the Hoffmannesque manner, but more revealing than most of the personal testimony which Busch vouchsafes us."

    Arndt's heading to this section of his intro: "The World Is an Error, and the Joke Is on Us."

    Also, the book's tagline is "Comedy of Frustration."

    I definitely plan to dig further.