September 21, 2008

Biology Today, Richard Oden

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  1. These illustrations are wonderful!

    ...Can't find any other way to contact you so having to write here:

    I've just added your blog to my blog roll -
    (see entry bottom of page).

    Please let me know if what I've written there is OK, or if you'd prefer me to change something or delete the entry. (Abs. No problem if so:)) Thanks.

    I found your blog via a Feed Friend lead today and I like it very much.

    (Also, and quite independently, I posted about bright stupid confetti's blog today too - looking down your blogroll just now I see you also have it listed, which is amusing.)

    With best wishes
    Linda (P O N O R)

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  3. Linda,

    Thanks for the kind words and your blogroll addition and description. I've added you to the "image centric" part of my blogroll.

    I envy your large-image format.

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  4. These illos are so good … I feel melancholy though because I know that a similar assignment today would almost certainly involve the client's demand (aesthetic & financial) that everything be done with vector drawings and look like utter robotic dreck

    this blog is a rare delight!

  5. @ Will

    Ah good - glad it was alright with you. It can be difficult to describe someone else's blog adequately - people are understandably very attached to their blogs.

    Bigger format? Well... you could always move across to Wordpress? :)


  6. Forgot to say... and must add, thanks for the mention here at your place :) It's very much appreciated!


  7. Incredible illustrations. Nice find!


  8. I found your blog by chance while I was searching for richard ( Dick)Oden. I had the privelege and pleasure of studying with mister Oden in 1978 at Cal State Long Beach. You may know this, or have found out since you posted the Oden illos, Richard Oden, sadly, died a number of years ago. I'm not clear as to date, I think it was the late eighties. Here'sa bit of trivia; his daughter is or was a teacher/administrator at the Orange County High School of the Arts in Santa Ana ( or Anaheim ) CA. It was really great to see these images.

  9. Thanks for writing. I hadn't known Mr. Oden passed away.

    I imagine studying with him was a delight. He clearly had a great sense of humor.

  10. How fun! I think I went to school with Dick's daughter but I can't remember her name. Oden had a good reputation..the other one Mendez (not). A time when sexual harassment was to be tolerated.

    Here's a CSLB question...does anyone know what happened to Dr Thompson and John Lincoln? Loved Thompson but John Lincoln was a attention loving coward.

  11. So nice to see Dick's work, would like to find a compendium of his album covers as well. A bit more information: Dick Oden died in 1993, November 8th or 9th It was sudden and completely unexpected; he was only 58 yrs old. Tragic. Studying with him was a major event, and he set the table for quite a number of illustrators, myself included. His daughter's name is Paige.
    John Lincoln passed away as well~~more recently: Dec 16 2009. I'm of a more favorable opinion of John Lincoln than is Mr. Adjacent; I found that if you were serious about drawing he was serious as well, and more.
    Unfortunatelly, I don't have any current news of Dr. Thompson, hopes are he's watercoloring away on his Upson board as I write this...
    Thanks so much for posting these illustrations.

  12. For Mr. Oden c/o St. Peter,

    How many teachers, I ask you, would invite his students to look over his shoulder while he makes his mark?

    Yours Truly,

  13. I keep returning to this blog to see Dick's work. I was a student of Dick Oden's at the at Cal State Long Beach in the 80's. His work is remarkable and inspiring. The illustration above was in office when I was in school. Thank you for keeping his work and memory alive.