July 2, 2008

Four random covers

It's kind of a shame that I'm never going to top that last post. Once I crack Thalmann's code I'll be making those figures for every damn book in my library (drunk, with sharpies).

above: UK publisher Corgi has some great covers. I haven't read Naked Lunch since high school and I refuse to read it again unless I'm palmering this edition.

below: A Handful of Dust cover courtesy of Brickbat Books (709 S. 4th St.), Philly's main source for the type of books found on A Journey Round My Skull. They host fine underground music shows too.

Italian edition of The Non-Existent Knight


  1. I'm really enjoying the blog's recent veer into book covers and book arts. You've managed to turn up some great stuff that remind me just how startling the appearance of books can be. Looking at your blog, I feel like I'm in an alternate aesthetic universe: uncanny, haunted, and elegant.

  2. Thanks! I'm thinking of going back to school for book arts, especially when fondling the Codex in Crisis from Crumpled Press.