July 13, 2008

Alfred Jarry's Mental Mechanism

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  1. What a nice bunch of links! I adore Jarry...that 1998 exhibit looks amazing and I can't believe something like that occurred in Lawrence, KS of all places! (If only I'd even had an inkling of a clue who Jarry was back then....well, I'd have led a much different life!)

    Also, I think the Yeti spread of Vallotton's woodcuts-as-tattoos is such a brilliant idea. I admit that after I came across it I considered getting the woodcut of Rachilde (one of my favorite persons) tattooed somewhere on me, but it's really, honestly a fairly ugly image when taken out of context. On the other hand, I daydream about the possibility of a stranger walking up to me and saying, "why, it's Rachilde....!" That almost makes it worth doing....