June 6, 2008

Joseph Von Eichendorff & the Taugenichts

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  1. Thanks, Will! Don't know if you've read "The Sleep of the Calligrapher," Roberto Calasso's essay on Walser collected in his volume The Forty-Nine Steps, but he very plainly calls Walser "Last heir of the great romantics." Because this (in retrospect, obvious) connection is something I've never really looked into, I enjoyed your Eichendorff quote very much, as I will anything else you share from the German Romantics.

    And yes, that passage from The Assistant resonates in a very personal way with me too. But I doubt we're alone.:)

  2. Wow, I hadn't seen the Calasso essay, which I'll check out immediately. I'll keep looking for quotes to add from the German Romantics. I plan to add something from at least Brentano, Tieck, and Jean Paul.

  3. @sam No you're no alone in the resonating :) - and thanks Will, this blog is a complete delight! I'm smitten :) for it's like visiting an online library with the best librarian imaginable. (The new collections of images are terrific.)