February 10, 2008

Modern European Poetry

Modern European Poetry introduced me to 50 percent of the poets now on my bookshelves. Although it seems to no longer be in print, you can still find it for a few dollars in used bookstores around the country. The anthology includes generous selections of poetry from France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Russia, and Spain (and some Latin American poets). It was edited by Willis Barnstone, Patricia Terry, Arthur Wensinger, Kimon Friar, Sonia Raiziss & Alfredo de Palchi, George Reavey, and Angel Flores (Flores is also responsible for Patti Smith's favorite, The Anchor Anthology of French Poetry and my favorite). My copy is the sixth edition from 1978 (Bantam; first published 1966).

Prepare to discover, among many others: Apollinaire, Supervielle, Reverdy, Eluard, Aragon, Michaux, Prevert, Desnos, Char, Trakl, Benn, Celan, Bachmann, Ritsos, Sahtouris, Elytis, Saba, Campana, Ungaretti, Montale, Mandelshtam, Machado, Vallejo, Huidobro, Guillen.

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